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Train self-improving AI models
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We help creators, developers and business be AI Native. Generate momentum and sustained advantage without the complexity.

App highlights:

Generate samples, instruments, sound effects, or textures by describing them to the Discord () bot.


No-code custom chat bot created in minutes. One-click sharing. Embeddable anywhere.


Unaligned model for use cases that are not covered by "dumbed down" models.

All you need to build, compare and ship intelligent apps in a single place.
Everything you need in reach, every piece of information tracked and organized, with collaborative low to no-code tools to turn your vision into production.
We have streamlined AI development into three core pillars - Memory, Interface and Dashboard. They are simplified, but not simplistic. Each pillar have underlying sub-components that is composed together for a holistic solution designed for collaboration between individuals and teams. Tap below to learn more:

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Engineered for developers.
We don't re-invent the wheels, only what is necessary to get stuff done. We are cloud native and adopt standards like Docker, OpenTelemetry and Prometheus , readily available open-source models such as Meta ()'s Llama 2 to reduce your learning and integration curve.
While major operating systems and platforms may eventually release their own integrations and co-pilot offerings, Proc will continue to thrive because of our commitment to impartiality and giving as much control to the users as possible.
Part of the answer is to design the platform to be extensible by design and programmatic access for workflow creation, deployment and monitoring for full automation and deployment confidence.
We are also working towards exportable artifacts (e.g. training data, models, etc.) to be portable to other platforms and systems.
Proxy API.
Integrated metrics.
Deploy anywhere.
Don't get left behind, start here and accelerate.
Given the speed of advancement and fragmentation in the space, it is hard to keep up. We've seen firsthand people overestimating the entry barrier to adoption and walked away from valuable opportunities. Common misconceptions are - you need plenty of setup, experts, or a large dataset. There are many places to start, but we want Proc to be the best one.
People have already deployed all these applications that delivered results for their businesses and customers.
Semantic Knowledge Base
Product Copilots
Sales Copilots
Customer Support
Personalised Content Generation
Trend Detection
Rules Engine
Expert System
We've helped clients big and small, developed valuable AI solutions and we're really confident that we can help you too. We are happy to discuss if AI would be a good fit for you. Get in touch >

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